Introduction & Overview

1.3.2015 | 09:14

Howdy Tree Huggers and Nature Lovers! My name is Charles and I have lived for 35 years in the beautiful town of Oakdale (Idle Hour) located on the South Shore of Long Island. My passion for nature was first sparked during a field trip during elementary school. Our class went to Connetquot State Park Preserve, the 3000+ acre nature preserve tucked away between Sunrise Highway and Vets Highway in Oakdale, NY.

The park features several trails that take you around the park, all varying in length and difficulty.  One trail in particular takes you along the Connetquot River where it is just 20 feet at its widest. Along the river, there are what I like to calling “fishing stations”. These are designated areas, numbered one through twelve, that are accessible to fisherman who have the proper permits and equipment. Fly fishing only permitted and all fish must be released.

Fisherman enjoying a day of fly fishing in connetquot state park in oakdale, ny.

Connetquot is a perfect example of one Long Island hidden gems that many people caught up in the rat race fail to take time to appreciate. Having just retired, I am now finally taking the time to appreciate all of what Long Island has to offer and trying to become more involved in the preservation, conservation, and protection of Long Island’s many state parks, nature preserves, historical points, and wetland areas.  Atleast once a month, I will be documenting a new conservation area, starting first with those located in Suffolk County before getting to those Nassau County.  I invite you to subscribe to this blog and to send me any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have.