Tree topping should be a punishable offense!

20.4.2016 | 23:54

Working in the tree care industry for over two decades, I’ve seen my fair share of arboriculture travesties. Not that I am bias, but I always insist, whether it to be friends, family, or a stranger at the deli, hiring an unqualified tree company to perform any type of tree work is a bad idea.

For starters, you really need to be sure who you are hiring. If you think saving a few bucks by hiring two guys with a chainsaw and a truck is a good way to save money, you are in for a rude awakening. First and foremost, it is important to be sure that the company you are hiring has the proper licenses, insurance policies and worker’s comp. If an uninsured company fumbles on your tree work, whether it be felling a tree in the wrong direction and onto the neighbor’s house, or someone gets seriously injured, worker or not, you can be certain that you are the one that will be the one getting sued.

So now that we have gotten the common sense reasons that a homeowner should always double check their insurance policies, let’s discuss the reason that tree topping is one of the most damaging things you can do to a tree. My brother-in-law, who just so happens to run the best tree service in Jacksonville FL, sent me a few snaps of a tree topping job his low balling competition did. And the reason he sent it those pics to me was because he knows how much it aggravates me and was trying to get a rise out of me. Mission accomplished!


Any arborist or tree care professional knows that this is a cardinal sin. Homeowner’s that hire the jokers who would actually perform this outdated practice are often motivated by the fact that their tree has outgrown their property. They do this because they fear the tree has become too big and is more hazardous because of its size. Just because a tree is tall doesn’t make it dangerous. Trees are made to grow big and tall, that’s why they have strong roots. Topping trees actually increases the risk of a tree related disaster because it negatively effects the strength of the tree itself. The branches that grow out of butchered limbs are fragile and prone to breaking.

If any of you know someone who is considering topping a tree on their property, please point them to this page or show them some of the pictures from above. Not only are they hideous but it’s like giving the finger to Mother Nature!


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Why Regular Tree Maintenance Is Important

5.4.2016 | 12:37

Trees are the ones that are giving beauty to our environment, and taking care of them is very important. There are different kinds of tree services offered to beautify and to keep trees healthy. There are experts who are dedicated and are also called environmentalists that would like to take care of the trees. When there are trees that need to be put up in place and need to be trimmed and others, you can refer to the following tree services.

General tree care tips from arborist

Trees and their branches are growing and it is important that they will be trimmed as necessary. The tree branches are giving shade, however there could be a situation that it can harm your property or your home. The tree care or tree services company can offer advice on whether you need to trim your trees or you can let them do it professionally. It is important that someone will do it professionally so the proper procedure will be done.

But wait, trimming or pruning, whats the difference? If you are confused between tree pruning and tree trimming, there are key differences that you must know. Tree trimming is cutting of the branches of the trees to make it in order when they become large and dangerous. When the tree is still very young, that is the time that the tree pruning is necessary. Arborists or those who have the extensive knowledge in pruning should be the one to do the task. This is being done to make the tree grow to the direction that you desire. The arborist will be able to professionally do the right procedure in pruning.

Tree Removal is not something that anyone would want to do. However, when the tree is not right anymore because it is sick, dying, or damage from a major storm, tree removal is the best solution and necessary. The tree experts have equipment and other tools they are using in removing the trees.

Have a tree removed is last resort is tree cabling can be used.

Stump removal & grinding services will remove those pieces that remain from the tree that has been removed. These are the roots of the trees, and the stump may not create a good look for your yard. Stump removal services have equipment that can grind the stump and the roots so grasses can be planted again or even shrubs and trees.

Tree services are necessary and without this people may never how to take care of the trees and how to keep them healthy. People can do tree services, but there are some dangerous jobs that only arborists or tree care professionals can do. They are trained and skilled when it comes to dangerous tasks like climbing trees to trim them. They have also the important equipment, tools and other necessary things that are needed to do the tasks. If you think that trimming trees can be dangerous on your part, just call a tree care services to make it safe.


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Introduction & Overview

1.3.2015 | 09:14

Howdy Tree Huggers and Nature Lovers! My name is Charles and I have lived for 35 years in the beautiful town of Oakdale (Idle Hour) located on the South Shore of Long Island. My passion for nature was first sparked during a field trip during elementary school. Our class went to Connetquot State Park Preserve, the 3000+ acre nature preserve tucked away between Sunrise Highway and Vets Highway in Oakdale, NY.

The park features several trails that take you around the park, all varying in length and difficulty.  One trail in particular takes you along the Connetquot River where it is just 20 feet at its widest. Along the river, there are what I like to calling “fishing stations”. These are designated areas, numbered one through twelve, that are accessible to fisherman who have the proper permits and equipment. Fly fishing only permitted and all fish must be released.

Fisherman enjoying a day of fly fishing in connetquot state park in oakdale, ny.

Connetquot is a perfect example of one Long Island hidden gems that many people caught up in the rat race fail to take time to appreciate. Having just retired, I am now finally taking the time to appreciate all of what Long Island has to offer and trying to become more involved in the preservation, conservation, and protection of Long Island’s many state parks, nature preserves, historical points, and wetland areas.  Atleast once a month, I will be documenting a new conservation area, starting first with those located in Suffolk County before getting to those Nassau County.  I invite you to subscribe to this blog and to send me any questions, comments, or suggestions you may have.